August 9, 2020



This Week's Message:

"Our Great God "

2 Samuel 22:1-20

Pastor Bill Levy

Kid's Worship

(4-7 yr olds) 

  • YouTube



Adult Connect:

  • The book of James

  • The book of Acts

Youth Connect:

  • 7th – 12th grade

Kids Connect:

  • Ages 3 - 11 yrs


Suggestions for Service:

  • Check in with at-risk folks

  • Send encouragement cards and messages through mail or online

  • Go shopping for others

  • Make (sew) masks for others

  • Encourage and minister to essential workers on the community

  • Ask for prayer requests from friends via social media

  • Go on prayer drives around town - pray for hospitals, EMS workers and other essential workers

  • Fast and pray


2 Chronicles 7:14


Please pray for:

  • TLB, Serving in Africa

  • Vanessa Treadwell who is recovering from her second knee replacement

  • MaryAnn Fitzgerald's son & daughter-in-law who have tested for COVID and are quarantined awaiting results.

  • MaryAnn's brother Phillip who went to the ER on Friday with severe leg pain

  • Carol Addington who is experiencing serious heart issues and awaiting consultation with cardiologist.

  • Sandy Lee's friend, Bonnie, who has surgery Monday to repair a broken wrist

  • Verla Laughridge who has been in and out of the hospital this week.

  • Dee & Edie Vaden and Valerie Carey who are all ill this morning.

Family Time


Parents, we have a new kids online curriculum for years 3-11

We pray these lessons will bless your entire family.

Please watch the kids ministry video with your children and discuss each lesson with them.

Each week is a new lesson

You will find each lesson has free downloadable lesson material such as, “Family activities”, "Home guides”, and activity pages.

Ladies Bible Study

Study the book of John.  10:00 am to 12:00 Thursdays at Alameda Park, North East corner.  Bring chair or blanket, drink,  Bible and warm heart. For more info call Kay Hall (208) 233-4291.

800 Marinus Lane   Pocatello, ID   83201

(208) 237-2120

Rev. Bill Levy, Pastor

Mike Michaud, Asst. Pastor

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