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Pocatello, ID

September 17, 2023


This Week's Message:

Iron Sharpens Iron

Proverbs 27:17 (BSB)
Sermon Series
3 Proverbs You
Need to Know
Pastor Dan Edwards

Children's Worship

  • Ages 3-7

  • Ages 8-11


Adult Connect:

  • The book of Job

  • The book of Romans

Youth Connect:

  • Ages 12 – 19 

Kids Connect:

  • Ages 3 – 11 


Please see service opportunities at the Information Center in the foyer

Please pray for:

  • PKV, serving in Asia

  • The Allen Family, as they continue to mourn the loss of Bob

  • Deni Thomas, who is recovering from major knee surgery

  • The Faulkners, as they grieve the loss of their friend Sally, and for Sally's family

  • Jeff Howell, who is recovering from knee surgery 

  • The Van Der Horn Family, as they grieve the loss of Don's sister

  • Janice Bear's cousin's daughter Ashley, who has possible ovarian cancer

  • Michele Dart, who has an unspoken prayer request

  • Dan & Alexandra's family friends, whose daughter/sister took her own life

  • Tracy Funk's (Ann Faulkner's daughter) friend Laurie, who has been hospitalized in the ICU and has contracted MRSA 


  • We praise the Lord because even though heaven and earth will pass away, His words will never pass away (Matthew 24:35)



Worship, Prayer, Messages, Games,

Fellowship, Shooting Range, Food

October 13-15

Old Faithful Christian Ranch

Island Park, ID

$100 per person

2023 Idaho Men's Retreat

Wedding Invitation 10.07.2023.jpg

Everyone at
Calvary Alliance
is invited to Dan & Alexandra's wedding


Women's Bible Study| Mondays | 6:45-8:00pm


In a world filled with all sorts of truth claims—even "find your own truth" — Jesus stands alone. He boldly proclaims Himself as the only source of freedom, peace, truth, meaning, sustenance, security, and everlasting life with God. Which leaves us asking: Are Jesus's claims true?

We are excited to invite you to examine Jesus's claims for your own life in John's Gospel: The Truth.

Friends Talking

Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study

Every Tuesday at 10am 

Read Through The Bible In A Year. Cost of companion notebook is $10. Contact the Church Office for more information. 

Crazy Love Bible Study

Wednesdays | 10:00am 

This ten-week in-depth study of God’s character helps readers embrace God’s intense, relentless love and watch that love transform every aspect of their being.


Alliance Women's Stamp Ministry

If you would like to donate old stamps to the Alliance  Women's ministry, we have a "Stamps" box in the church foyer. These stamps go toward supporting a Spanish language curriculum for Sunday Schools 



are located in the church foyer

800 Marinus Lane   Pocatello, ID   83201

(208) 237-2120

Dan Edwards, Pastor

Mike Michaud, Asst. Pastor

give online



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